13. If you’re gonna steal…

Cowboys: In Space! - page 13

If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best, right? Can you name all the references in this comic? Some are obvious but one is kinda hidden.


7. Why would a space ship even have one of those?


Cowboys: In Space! - page 7

It can actually be pretty boring when the dice always go your way, which is a deep statement about life if you ask me. Most actions in D&D require a roll of base 15 to roll successfully and you can either lower that with spells or situational modifiers, or you can raise your own roll with modifiers. Being that Carl has been playing Wash for over two years, I figure he’s probably got several mods to his piloting skills… I’m guessing he rolled a 2.

Still working on the text but I’ve figured out how to keep from getting the bad pixilation of my images as I did before (it was an obvious solution, of course). And yes, I will be making lots of references to other scifi film/tv and the usual gamer fare… why? Because I’ve never been in a game session that hasn’t gone five minutes with this happening in real life. It is my running gag.