12. And they never explain why the Air Force.

Cowboys: In Space - page 12

They never explain in SG, SG1, SGA or SGU why the Air Force was put in charge of the StarGate. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason as how do they know that it’s a wormhole device? At least until after research is done by the Air Force. Then in the tv show they don’t get space ships (which I guess could be argued as an extension of Air Force jurisdiction) until much later. In anything, Army or Marines seem like a better fit as it’s mostly all ground fighting. So why Air Force? Why not send the Navy Seals, Army Green Berets, or a Marine through the gate, not an Air Force pilot? Makes no sense, even if it is O’Neill…

And for those who know me, no, I did not model Inara after me but I would like to think we’d get along quite nicely.