What is Cowboys: In Space?

It’s a little side project I started because after binge-reading Darth’s and Droids and DM of the Rings again I decided that there needed to be a Firefly comic.

What kind of comic is this?

It’s a Firefly RPG screencap comic.

What is Firefly?

Wait, you have to ask? Go find Firefly on Netflix or borrow the dvds from a friend and enjoy!

What’s an RPG screencap comic?

RPG stands for Role Playing Game which a full description can be found here. The short of it, it’s where a couple of people sit around and pretend to be characters in another land, another place, another time, and to keep us from getting too out of hand all our major decisions and fights are controlled by the whims of the roll of a dice. Oh, and there is a DM (dungeon master) who controls the game, or likes to think they do.

And the screencap part?

Well, since I can’t draw even a convincing stick figure I’ve taken screen caps and placed them crudely together in a kind of comic-booky-style manner with speech bubbles of hopefully hilarious dialogue.

When do you update?

Every Monday and Thursday for the time being.

What makes yours different from DM of the Rings and Darth’s and Droids?

Well, the overall concept is the same. You take a film (or in this case tv show) and make a screencap comic out of it. I put a little different twist on it. Both in DM and Darth’s, while most of the players are tabletop rpg vets, they start at the beginning of their particular campaign. With Cowboys, we join a game that has been in session for a while with a DM who is a bit burned out with players who are at the top of their character’s game. This is about the time that almost everything can go wrong… more so than usual.

What system are the players using?

They are playing Cowboys: In Space which is its own game with his specific set of rules. It’s very similar to D&D 3.5 (screw 4.0) butnot exact. Basically it’s what I need it to be… within reason.

What credentials do you have?

My first exposure was Hero’s Quest back in the 90s, then starting in 1999 I had a pretty regular gaming circle of 3.5 and White Wolf. I don’t DM much myself, though my one major campaign I DM’d resulted in my players creating a silver blob of oatmeal which they proceeded to drop on Troy leading to the Greek’s victory. Quite proud of that actually.

Do you know the DM or Darth guys or have contact with them?

Nope, I only know them by their comics and they seem like pretty cool people. However, they are talented individuals who are trained in graphic arts, so I really don’t deserve to stand in their company.

Why is your comic not nearly as nice and cool looking as DM or Darth’s?

Because I am only one girl who has no idea what she’s doing?

That… explains a lot.

Yeah… I know…


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