Time Warp

Okay, so I kinda got stuck in a time warp. Summer got a bit crazy for me and I kept telling myself that I’d get another one up the next day, etc… and the next turned into the next day and that turned into the day after that which was then the day after tomorrow… I swear I must have been abducted by aliens cause I am seriously missing time now!! ­čśŽ

I will have a new one up tomorrow though I may have to go down to once a week posting. Depends on my time management skills.

Really sorry for the delay! I hope you all can forgive me!!



Have to take a break this week, to much going on, but don’t worry, I’ll be back on Monday with a new comic. We’ll be getting out of the space suits and meeting up with Badger real soon. Not to mention the rest of the Serenity crew.

Enter Clever Title Here

I think I’m as good as it’s going to get for the time being on the text. Hopefully once I expose the RvB┬ácommunity to this then someone might have a solution for me (which would probably really simple in retrospect, dur).

I’ve decided I’m going to shrink the logo on the future comics. I know a lot don’t even have them on their pages so I’m also really considering dropping it all together. I like it, but it does take up space and can be kind of awkward to work around.

Other than that, no other lingering issues to deal with that I can notice but I’m sure someone will point out. I do have scripts ready for several pages ahead and plot outlines for later. I have a couple of jokes I am dying to use but saving them for later where they are more effective. This is gonna be so much fun!

Time, on your side.

Been playing Batman: Arkam City, so didn’t get anything done this week. Damn that caped crusader! Anyway, the scripts are written up to page 12 so far and I plan on making several comics tomorrow (no play batman!).

I’ve also decided on a posting schedule. Monday and Thursday. Only doing two a week for now, might increase if I get faster at this it if demand actually picks up. I am going to do some promoting once I feel the comic is ready which will be when I fix the blur on the text. I have a plan and hopefully the next page will look purty!

Epic Word Fail, Is Not So Epic

Sometimes my brain works faster than I write and will mentally add words in that I skipped, flipped, or misspelled. I have been trying to be good with these comics but I messed up on the last one. Doh! Thanks Chi for pointing out the errors.

Going to try to be more careful but knowing me… ­čśŽ

Freudian Slip

This latest page is much, much, much better but it could have been even more better! Still working on it, will play with some more tweaks on the next page.

But until then, I noticed that when I decided to name this Cowboys: In Space I picked an orange color for the text because it just looked right to me, especially against the black/spacy background. It only occurs to me now, four days later, that I may have been channeling this: