The following are the cast of players, updated as required.

The Game Master (often called the DM) – Douglas
He’s the only one who would take the job, everyone else wanted to be PC.


Malcolm Reynolds – Played by Rick
Cowboy. An old pro at table top games, he’s the one most likely to stick to the rules.

Hoban Washburne (Wash) – Played by Carl
Pilot. Through an insane set of events which involved at least two triple-dog-dare’s, his character ends up marrying an NPC.

Jayne Cobb – Played by John
Gun Slinger. Most likely to shoot first and ask questions later. It’s more fun that way.

Inara Serra – Played by Ana
Bard. Ana is actually Douglas’ girlfriend who decided that she wanted to play even though she’s not exactly good at it but what was he going to say?

Kaylee Frye – Played by Sheldon
Engineer. Sheldon is a min-max player who decided to get extra points by taking the trait short and talking Douglas into the fact that being a female in a male dominated field such as engineering should warrant something extra.


Zoe – Warrior NPC. Meant as an aid to help the group when it first started, the character ended up married to Wash, but she can still be controlled by Douglas at any time which leads to a character with dubious loyalties.


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