13. If you’re gonna steal…

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Cowboys: In Space! - page 13

Cowboys: In Space! - page 13

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If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best, right? Can you name all the references in this comic? Some are obvious but one is kinda hidden.


DM: Guys, let’s just move on okay. We’ll skip ahead to planet fall, I want to get this quest finished so I can work on next week’s game. You land at the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone.
Mal: I check the cargo, I’m not having another New, New Detroit.
Jayne: I still say that was impossible, even for a midget.
Mal: Spot check, 18.
DM: You find nothing amiss.
Mal: Good. I’ll send Badger a wave, letting him know that we’re on our way with his Unobtainium.
Wash: I thought it was Dilithium Crystals.
Jayne: No, it was Vibranium.
Inara: I’m sure it was Naquadah.
DM: Beryllium Bars.
Mal: Oh, right, as opposed to Beryllium Spheres.
DM: I was in a hurry, all right.


2 responses to “13. If you’re gonna steal…

  1. New New Detroit: Robocop
    Impossible, even for a Midget: Dr. Who
    Badger Wave: Uncyclopedia
    Unobtanium: James Cameron’s Avatar
    Dilithium Crystals: Star Trek
    Vibranium: Marvel Comics, mainly found in the Savage Lands in Antarctica and Wakanda in Africa
    Naquadah: Stargate SG1 (and onward)
    Beryllium Bars: Real Life, actually a state in which Beryllium can be transported/acquired
    Beryllium Spheres: Galaxy Quest on the Planet of Grignak the Rock

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