11. Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!

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Cowboys: In Space - page 11

Cowboys: In Space - page 11

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Have the right team makes and you can totally skirt by on not reading the manual, because they practically have it memorized (when required). Just make sure not to annoy them because then they will conveniently forget those helpful things that keep your character from getting killed.

I’m thinking about asking for help on this project, but I don’t know anyone who does any kind of graphic art stuff. Bollocks.


Jayne: That… was beautiful.
Wash: Lovely.
Inara: Thank you. I’ve been thinking about that particular poem for awhile now.
DM: It’s as far as she got reading the manual.
Mal:  Wait, you haven’t read the manual, at all, in three years?
Inara: Between my job, classes, and generally having a life, I don’t have the time. Besides, I have two ‘pedantic rules lawyers who would cheat their own mother out of a will save if it benefited them’ to help me.
DM: [choke]
Mal: Pedantic rules lawyer?
Jayne: Cheat own mother out of a will save?
Inara: Doug’s words, not mine.
DM: Um, uh, erm…
Mal: No, that’s about right.
Jayne: How big a will save?


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