9. The Way of the Dice

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Cowboys: In Space - page 9

Cowboys: In Space - page 9

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Never, ever, let your DM touch your dice. If he does… be prepared to buy new.

Notice the smaller logo? I like it.


DM: Come on guys, it’s not like I cursed the dice.
Mal: No, it’s okay, she can borrow mine.
Jayne: How come you haven’t replaced Ana’s dice yet? She’s your girlfriend, aren’t you contractually bound to do stuff like that?
Inara: He did replace my dice, twice, but I always roll horribly when it’s my dice.
Wash: So he did curse the dice then.
DM: What? No!
Mal: Perhaps not on purpose, but seriously, Ana, buy yourself some dice and don’t let Doug touch them… ever.
DM: That’s superstitious nonsense.
Inara: Yes, 19!
Jayne: Now roll for damage… erm, bonus, whatever.
Inara: +6! Max!
Wash: Sweet!
DM: Not bad. Any idea what your character sings?
Inara: Well, actually, can you hand me the rule book.


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