8. Stacking.

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Cowboys: In Space - page 8

Cowboys: In Space - page 8

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If you get a bad roll, even though there are just as likely to roll good or bad on the next round, there is the compulsive desire to do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t fail again. So… kinda like real life then.

As for Inara, making her a companion as seen in Firefly would be a bit much to handle and probably wouldn’t be put into a game like this anyway. But by making her a bard… well… I know some of you are laughing at that right now. The rest… inside joke… don’t worry about it. Enjoy.


DM: Wash failed to get you underway on his turn. Enter the Alliance Heavy Cruiser. They scan and [roll] immediately spot your energy signature.
Wash: But it will take them another round at least to be able to lock on and fire.
DM: That’s true. You have one more chance to get away clean since you don’t have any weapons on your ship.
Jayne: Yeah, and who’s fault would that be?
Mal: Shut it. Wash, you have any extra modifiers you can use?
Wash: I get a +1 when Zoe is in the cockpit with me.
Mal: Good, I send her up.
DM: It takes two rounds to get from the cargo hold to the cockpit, remember.
Mal: Oh… yeah… right…
Inara: I could sing over the intercom. As a Bard I can offer up to a +6 on any skill regardless how I’m heard. I took Improved Medium.
Mal: That’s… actually a really good idea.
Inara: Okay, so I roll to make sure I don’t croak. Um, can I borrow someone’s dice?
DM: You can borrow mine, Ana.
Mal: No!
Jayne: No!
Wash: No!


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