6. Previously… on CBIS.

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Cowboys: In Space - page 6

Cowboys: In Space - page 6

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And here we have a background showing just how long this show has been on the road and why the DM might be feeling a little burnt out. This is also where you play “spot the tv show/movie” as I used images from non-Firefly shows to use as the background. Some of which majorly out of context! Love it!

Also, I changed the font, I think I got it, or at least as good as it’s gonna get for now. It might just be time for the grand opening!


Mal: Hey, now!
Jayne: Just yanking your chain!
DM: I’m sorry guys, but aren’t you getting kinda bored of this game?
I mean, we’ve been playing this campaign of Cowboys: In Space for almost two years now.
Mal discovered who murdered his wife.
Inara’s family name has been restored.
Jayne saved his mother from slavers.
Wash went undercover in the space mafia…
and gave Zoe that unfortunate back story.
Even Kaylee proved her brother innocent of murder.
Don’t you want to move on to something new? D&D? White Wolf? G.U.R.P.S?
Mal: Are you kidding? This is the best game I’ve ever played.
DM: Really?
Wash: Hell yeah! Any other DM would have kicked me out by now.


2 responses to “6. Previously… on CBIS.

  1. Mal and Wife is actually Castle… which likes to reference back to Firefly, including having Castle dress up as Mal for Halloween as a ‘Space Cowboy’ and having his daughter mention he’d done that several years ago.

    Jayne is actually Full Metal Jacket, where Animal ‘Mother’ is his character name.

    I think Inara is actually from Stargate SG1, she was a Tokra

    Zoe is Sarge in Cleopatra 2525, one of many Raimi series she was on before becoming a Joss Whedon player.

    Okay, those are the ones I can do without research
    Now, for guesses with a bit of web searching to see if I can figure out where Wash and Kaylee’s pics are from

    Kaylee is Dr. Jennifer Keller on Stargate Atlanstis

    WOW!!! How could I forget Alan ‘Wash’ Tudyk as Alpha disguised as Stephen Kepler in Dollhouse (another Joss Whedon Series).

    • Oops, I was half right about Inara… she was the Ori character from the final seasons, joining the Farscapers as Vala Mal Doran’s daughter Adria. But I was right about it being Stargate SG1

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