5. Downright unsettling.

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Cowboys: In Space - page 5

Cowboys: In Space - page 5

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Never tease the DM for he is god and can summon anything, from meteoroids to starved, rabid weasels. As for Zoe, we come to the reveal that she’s definitely a NPC and Wash’s Carl has control of her. The reasoning for having her as an NPC is because there is simply too many cast members of Firefly to have them all be PCs. No DM is going to have a game running with nine other players, for one, where would they all sit? No, most games are around four to five PCs plus the DM. This is manageable.

So why pick Zoe to be a NPC? Well, I already decided on Inara being the DM’s girlfriend and writing in another relationship (at least so soon) would be too muddled. Then there is the fact that Zoe’s character does have a bit of an issue with her loyalties in the series. I thought I could bring that out by her being originally a NPC and have her loyalty issues come up later.

As for the Wash/Zoe marriage explanation… it never fails, play a game long enough and someone is going to do something like this just for the hell of it. Obviously since Doug rolled a 1 for Zoe, instead of being disgusted by the kiss like she should have been the exact opposite happened… and Wash ran with it, probably laughing his butt off the whole way at the awkwardness it created for the DM.

On a technical side, I played with effects on this go around, using sepia and film filers to make the stuff look old. I’m rather proud of myself for that though I’m sure those who actually studied this stuff are going “wah??”. I also changed the text but not sure if I like it. I think it’s less blurry but I can’t get it to go smaller without degrading. This is why I have beta readers!! Love you guys.


DM: Fine, the haul is not trapped.
Mal: We open the door to see…?
DM: The three cargo boxes as Badger described to you.
Mal: We each grab one and head back to the ship.
DM: Roll against your dex to make sure you don’t end up doing a zero-g cartwheel.
Mal: 16
Jayne: 19
Zoe gets a 15 total, good thing I tricked out her dex modifiers. Did I mention that I–
Mal: Yes! None of us will ever forget the day you took over Zoe’s character.
Jayne: Creepiest game, ever, and I’ve played Call of Cthulhu.
Wash: Hey, remember you guys dared me to have Wash kiss Zoe–
DM: Worse time to roll a 1, ever….
Wash: and I was just following the story line through to its completion and asked her to marry me.
DM: Worse time to roll a 20, ever…
Inara: I thought it was sweet. You role-played Zoe marvelously Doug.
Wash: Yes, he did, didn’t he…
Jayne: He did look like he enjoyed it a little too much there.
DM: That’s it, massive meteoroid strike, you’re all dead.


One response to “5. Downright unsettling.

  1. Wanna bet? I ran four different campaign with over a nine players (10, 13, 14 and 17 to be precise)… okay, not likely to do it ever again, some of the most insanity ever happened in those four campaigns. Mutants & Masterminds 3rd, Heroes Unlimited, Aberrant, and D&D 3.5 respectively… highlights include massive PC on PC violence in all of the above, one player dropping a building on everyone (including himself) in M&M 3rd, The creation of a henchman that became and epic reoccurring foe in HU, A player becoming a G-D and then being slapped down to being a brain in a jar in HU (a month of planning, one moment of brilliance, and a shocked and awe expression from everyone… arguably the best planner I’ve ever met in a player), a guy causing time paradoxes and killing his own past and future selves in HU (that campaign is so memorable, and began running jokes and reoccurring friends and foes alike ever since, sadly we can never seem to rival it), a car being made into a giant phallus and used on a giant foe in Aberrant, a pc chopping off a fellow pc’s dangly bits and grafting them to the owner’s forehead (note victim of event 2 in Aberrant was the perpetrator of event 1 in Aberrant, and the cutter/grafter was the epic planner player from HU), and the D&D at Sea Pirates campaign… hmmm… that was just a disaster, 17 people fighting for attention, mindless destruction, mutiny, looting, pillaging… it was awesome.

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