02. Oldie by Goodie

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Cowboys: In Space - page two

Cowboys: In Space – page two

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Ah yes, grapple rules, always take the brunt when making fun of D&D because it makes it so easy by being so darn hard! Personally, my group just didn’t bother. If push came to shove we rolled a saving throw against our Dex and was done with it.

As for the layout, I think this is better but for some reason I can’t seem to keep the picture at the correct dimensions. It’s weird but I’ll figure it out. Also, a bit wordy. Don’t know if I should decrease the font or trim my dialogue?

Oh, and his quote, from The X-Files. Carl is obviously a fan.


Jayne: I ready my weapon.
Mal: We’re in space, you didn’t bring a weapon because they don’t work in space.
There is a lot of junk here though, where is the improvised weapon list?
DM: It’s under the Fritos, but besides, your character has no reason to be alarmed.
Mal: We’re looting a ship next to Alliance friendly space. A fair amount of paranoia is warranted.
Inara: I thought it wasn’t looting?
Mal: In fact, as Captain I should be constantly vigilant and since it was my turn I want to roll a spot check.
DM: [sigh] Fine, roll.
Jayne: I could easily make a spear.
Wash: You’re not going to need a weapon, John, there will be no hand to hand in space because Doug won’t risk a grapple.
Inara: Because the only thing harder to understand than grappling is what I find attractive in Doug. See, I do pay attention.
DM: Hey now!
Jayne: Just how many laws of physics can I break making a sling shot?
Mal: <roll> 18!
DM: Congratulations, after arduous searching you find a deck plate engraved with the words “Made in New Taiwan”.
Mal: So then a ship is coming this way. Ahem. Wash, this is the Captain, I want you to do a check on the scanners, make sure we’re alone out here.
Wash: ‘And though we may not be alone in the universe, in our own separate ways… on this planet… we are all alone.’
DM: Good lord, someone get this man a Twinkie.


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