01. No one ever fails a spot check.

For those of you just joining us, please note that these first few comics are very rough as I was learning how to make a comic basically from scratch. I have no training in graphic design or anything like that so it was a lot of trial and error. One day I’ll go back and fix these first comics, but until then, please keep this in mind and enjoy the adventure!

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Cowboys: In Space - page one

Cowboys: In Space – page one

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No one ever really fails a spot check in a game. Even if the character fails the DM has pretty much let it out of the bag that there is something there to be seen. Unless the DM just wants to mess with the players and make them paranoid, which is actually part of the DM’s job description so win-win all around.

Instead of starting at the beginning of a game where characters are literally just starting off as seen in Darth’s and Droids and DM of the Rings, I decided that our characters would already be a seasoned team of vets who have already leveled up several times and know their world inside and out… but of course that won’t stop them from debating and rules-lawyering the hell out of it.

Then we get to see what happens when fresh blood is added later on…

Mal: I’m telling you, you can’t fire a gun powder projectile weapon in space.
Jayne: Oh, come on, this is the future, of course weapons would be designed to work in space.
DM: Well, don’t think Sheldon is going to make it this week, so Carl, I’ll let you play his character if it’s needed. Now, let’s get this session started.
Wash: Yeah, sure.
[shuffling papers]
DM: Okay… I believe when we left off our intrepid heroes were looting the husk of a half-destroyed space ship.
Wash: It’s not looting when a quest is involved.
Inara: Then what is it?
Wash: A vigorous search for the truth.
Mal: It’s Cowboys: In Space, the whole universe assumes that due to some kind of massive implosion both of technology and galactic expansion that we’ve all reverted to a more pioneer, rough-n-ready style of weaponry. We’re lucky we don’t have to roll saving throws just to use the bathroom.
Jayne: We’re on a space ship! Why would we still be using lead rounds that could penetrate the hull of the very ship we’re on?
Inara: He does have a point there.
DM: Ana, don’t encourage them.
DM: Carl, roll a spot check.
<rolls dice>
Wash: Uh, 5.
DM: Okay. Thanks.
Wash: So I don’t see anything?
DM: What are you all looking at me like that for?


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