11. Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!

Cowboys: In Space - page 11

Have the right team makes and you can totally skirt by on not reading the manual, because they practically have it memorized (when required). Just make sure not to annoy them because then they will conveniently forget those helpful things that keep your character from getting killed.

I’m thinking about asking for help on this project, but I don’t know anyone who does any kind of graphic art stuff. Bollocks.


10. Sing it Sister

Cowboys: In Space - page 10

Most rule books and guides have little extras, drawings, stories, poems, etc, in order to aid in the creative atmosphere of role-playing.

I said I would post on Monday’s and Thursdays, didn’t say what time. Normally will try to get them up earlier but too much stuff happened today and got behind.

8. Stacking.


Cowboys: In Space - page 8

If you get a bad roll, even though there are just as likely to roll good or bad on the next round, there is the compulsive desire to do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t fail again. So… kinda like real life then.

As for Inara, making her a companion as seen in Firefly would be a bit much to handle and probably wouldn’t be put into a game like this anyway. But by making her a bard… well… I know some of you are laughing at that right now. The rest… inside joke… don’t worry about it. Enjoy.

7. Why would a space ship even have one of those?


Cowboys: In Space! - page 7

It can actually be pretty boring when the dice always go your way, which is a deep statement about life if you ask me. Most actions in D&D require a roll of base 15 to roll successfully and you can either lower that with spells or situational modifiers, or you can raise your own roll with modifiers. Being that Carl has been playing Wash for over two years, I figure he’s probably got several mods to his piloting skills… I’m guessing he rolled a 2.

Still working on the text but I’ve figured out how to keep from getting the bad pixilation of my images as I did before (it was an obvious solution, of course). And yes, I will be making lots of references to other scifi film/tv and the usual gamer fare… why? Because I’ve never been in a game session that hasn’t gone five minutes with this happening in real life. It is my running gag.

Enter Clever Title Here

I think I’m as good as it’s going to get for the time being on the text. Hopefully once I expose the RvB community to this then someone might have a solution for me (which would probably really simple in retrospect, dur).

I’ve decided I’m going to shrink the logo on the future comics. I know a lot don’t even have them on their pages so I’m also really considering dropping it all together. I like it, but it does take up space and can be kind of awkward to work around.

Other than that, no other lingering issues to deal with that I can notice but I’m sure someone will point out. I do have scripts ready for several pages ahead and plot outlines for later. I have a couple of jokes I am dying to use but saving them for later where they are more effective. This is gonna be so much fun!

6. Previously… on CBIS.

Cowboys: In Space - page 6

And here we have a background showing just how long this show has been on the road and why the DM might be feeling a little burnt out. This is also where you play “spot the tv show/movie” as I used images from non-Firefly shows to use as the background. Some of which majorly out of context! Love it!

Also, I changed the font, I think I got it, or at least as good as it’s gonna get for now. It might just be time for the grand opening!