Epic Word Fail, Is Not So Epic

Sometimes my brain works faster than I write and will mentally add words in that I skipped, flipped, or misspelled. I have been trying to be good with these comics but I messed up on the last one. Doh! Thanks Chi for pointing out the errors.

Going to try to be more careful but knowing me… 😦


3. Keep the engine running.

Cowboys: In Space – page three

I wonder if Ana is on her teammate’s side or her boyfriends? Or maybe just the side of logic?

This one is definitely not as cluttered, though originally I was going to merge it with the fourth page but realized that would definitely make it clutter so I expanded the dialogue on this part a bit to make a full page. I added the blood sugar stuff because in the beginning of this episode there literally only two facial expressions on Alan, deadpan and maniacal.

Freudian Slip

This latest page is much, much, much better but it could have been even more better! Still working on it, will play with some more tweaks on the next page.

But until then, I noticed that when I decided to name this Cowboys: In Space I picked an orange color for the text because it just looked right to me, especially against the black/spacy background. It only occurs to me now, four days later, that I may have been channeling this:


2. Oldie by Goodie

Cowboys: In Space - page two

Ah yes, grapple rules, always take the brunt when making fun of D&D because it makes it so easy by being so darn hard! Personally, my group just didn’t bother. If push came to shove we rolled a saving throw against our Dex and was done with it.

As for the layout, I think this is better but for some reason I can’t seem to keep the picture at the correct dimensions. It’s weird but I’ll figure it out. Also, a bit wordy. Don’t know if I should decrease the font or trim my dialogue?

Oh, and his quote, from The X-Files. Carl is obviously a fan.

Learning Curve

Well, the votes are in and while everyone who read my first panel got a good chuckle out of it, they agreed that it was a little hard to follow. The line of conversation wasn’t as clearly defined as it could/should have been. Other than that, they liked it. Since this is my first attempt, ever, at making a comic and I have no training whatsoever in this field, I think only having the one complaint is good.

I am going to work on this problem. I have the script for the second panel already made (mostly) and getting ready to design the panel. I think I’ll opt for making real panels this time instead of inserting the pictures directly onto the background. Go for a traditional comic layout, see if that fixes it. It’s all a learning curve.

1. No one ever fails a spot check.

No one ever really fails a spot check in a game. Even if the character fails the DM has pretty much let it out of the bag that there is something there to be seen. Unless the DM just wants to mess with the players and make them paranoid, which is actually part of the DM’s job description so win-win all around.

Instead of starting at the beginning of a game where characters are literally just starting off as seen in Darth’s and Droids and DM of the Rings, I decided that our characters would already be a seasoned team of vets who have already leveled up several times and know their world inside and out… but of course that won’t stop them from debating and rules-lawyering the hell out of it.

Then we get to see what happens when fresh blood is added later on…

A little background helps…


I was recently re-reading through Darths and Droids and DM of the Rings as well and got to wondering, just why haven’t more and more of those style of comics be done? Well, it might be because they are not easy, that’s for sure. They are time consuming and hard to put together (or I’m an idiot and doing it the wrong way).

But for whatever reason, it’s been a long time coming because what is more dear to a geek’s heart than Firefly?
Don’t answer that.