15. And this is how wars start.

Cowboys: In Space - page 15

It never fails, you always have the one person in the group who thinks they can affect an accent… and they can’t, they really can’t. If someone were to hear them outside of your little group they would assume that said person is somehow making fun of the foreigner in the room. The results… aren’t always pretty.

Oh, and it never fails, your characters will die at least once, maybe three times, before you even finish your main quest. The only difference is that someone will somehow make sure you survive, even if it’s the DM taking pity on you (or really, wanting  you there in that epic boss battle he designed specifically to fight your character).


Time Warp

Okay, so I kinda got stuck in a time warp. Summer got a bit crazy for me and I kept telling myself that I’d get another one up the next day, etc… and the next turned into the next day and that turned into the day after that which was then the day after tomorrow… I swear I must have been abducted by aliens cause I am seriously missing time now!! 😦

I will have a new one up tomorrow though I may have to go down to once a week posting. Depends on my time management skills.

Really sorry for the delay! I hope you all can forgive me!!

14. There is always one in the group.

Cowboys: In Space - page 14

There is always one in the group, the person that in school would probably be the class clown, only in this case his jokes, pranks, and off-the-wall thoughts end up getting something skewed with a double axe. And you notice he said PC, not NPC, so it makes you wonder just who is holding that grudge.

And have you ever noticed just how much smoke is at those docks? Literally, in one scene as it goes between Zoe and Mal, he’s all covered in smoke and she’s clear as day, what is up with that?


Have to take a break this week, to much going on, but don’t worry, I’ll be back on Monday with a new comic. We’ll be getting out of the space suits and meeting up with Badger real soon. Not to mention the rest of the Serenity crew.

12. And they never explain why the Air Force.

Cowboys: In Space - page 12

They never explain in SG, SG1, SGA or SGU why the Air Force was put in charge of the StarGate. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason as how do they know that it’s a wormhole device? At least until after research is done by the Air Force. Then in the tv show they don’t get space ships (which I guess could be argued as an extension of Air Force jurisdiction) until much later. In anything, Army or Marines seem like a better fit as it’s mostly all ground fighting. So why Air Force? Why not send the Navy Seals, Army Green Berets, or a Marine through the gate, not an Air Force pilot? Makes no sense, even if it is O’Neill…

And for those who know me, no, I did not model Inara after me but I would like to think we’d get along quite nicely.

11. Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!

Cowboys: In Space - page 11

Have the right team makes and you can totally skirt by on not reading the manual, because they practically have it memorized (when required). Just make sure not to annoy them because then they will conveniently forget those helpful things that keep your character from getting killed.

I’m thinking about asking for help on this project, but I don’t know anyone who does any kind of graphic art stuff. Bollocks.